For Consumers

We buy products to consume under effects of advertisement and pressure of environment. We semi-unconsciously purchase so many unneeded things supposed to use. We buy many items to fulfil our spiritual satisfaction. We don’t purchase even food products just for body nutrition. We consume proccessed foods for good taste.

Industrial products are manufactured for low cost, long shelf life and attractiveness for potential buyers. We generally buy industrial products because of budget. We pay less to buy industrial products.

We don’t read label to buy. We don’t really check alternative to buy. We cannot estimate total cost of ownership on shopping. We statisticaly finish shopping in 30 minutes and then take out. We do shopping in a kind of semi-consciousness mood. We generally don’t check products whether expired.

We are supposed to rely on shopping centers and brands. Shopping centers trust manufacturers and governments.

In fact, we are becoming what we consume. Products which we consume, changes our life. Products which we consume, forming our health.

Health is top important matter of life after freedom. We question health after we lose it.

Less people are able to investigate why modern people getting cancer more and more ???

Meaning of consumption unconscious is to suicide. We kill ourselves by poisoned products.

Many industrial products killing us slowly and we are not beware of it.