For Factories

Can you follow new chemical, raw material and production technologies ?

Do you provide training of new manufacturing standards to your production engineers ?

Do you know alternative production technologies ?

Do you have a plan to develop manufacting procedures by health products ?

Do you have any social mission to the public to support to consume healthy products ?

Are beware of legal obligations of labeling of products ?

Are beware of legal obligations of manufacturing non-healthy products ?

Can you really test your products whether really healthy ?

Do you have enough suppliers to provide healthy ingredients, raw materials and additives ?

Do you cooperate with full-function test labaratories to test products during research and development phase ?

Do you use any material with GDO ?

Do you want to stop cancer ?

Do you feel any responsibility of health of the people that you make money by ?

Can you compare cost of control of healthy production to cost of legal action per end-user ?

Do you feel responsibility to support people to reach healthy products ?

Do you provide any guidance to people to aware of healthy products ?

If you can not say YES to all, you risk your factory, investment and brand as well as you risk healthy of your customer.

Develop your production and purchase procedures by healthy requirements of people until any legal action.

If you manufacture healthy products, you can export it all over the world without any doubt.

Just care health of people !  Don’t kill us !