For Governments

Can you follow new chemical, genetic and production technologies ?

Do you have any policy to construct pro-active healthy products manufacturing ?

Do you have enough quantity of product healthy test senior engineers ?

Can you really investigate plants whether manufacture healthy products ?

Can you check labels of product if really matches ingredients ?

Do you have full-function test labaratories can test products ?

Do you regularly test products in market ?

Can you control seeds imported ?

Do you let farmers to grow geneticaly modified organism ?

Are you beware of deadly situation of cancer ?

Any plan to stop cancer ?

Can you calculate medical expense per person ?

Can you compare cost of control of healthy production to cost of medical expense per person ?

Do you support people to reach healthy products ?

Do you provide any guidance to people to aware of healthy products ?

If you can not say YES to all, you danger your generation and so need to develop your healthy citizen strategy.