Frequently Asked Questions Boy eating corn XSmallWhat are GMOs? GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering, or GE. This relatively new science creates unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacteria and viral genes that do not occur […]

Peace & good food

The Hindu An Iftar gathering in progress at Town Hall, the food stall owner at E.K. Street, Coimbatore. — Photo: M. Periasamy Experience togetherness, harmony and some great street food around Town Hall as it prepares for the Iftar Feast. As dusk falls, L.N street in Kottamedu wakes up. There […]

Beyond the halal label: Eating ethically

When it comes to food, Fatimah Jackson-Best delves into a deeper meaning of halal. Image: Photl For many Muslims the halal tradition is the only choice when it comes to buying meat. But even though that chicken on your plate came with a halal sticker on the package, do you know where […]

Introducing Your Next Healthy Food Trend: Halal And Kosher

Macaroons are a great dessert even when it’s not Passover. “Ethnic foods have become much more popular. Looking at what Goya’s done. And people are much more concerned today with what they put in their bodies,” says Mark Weinsten, CEO of the iconic kosher matzah, soup, and wine-maker Manischewitz, a company […]


Halal meat is becoming increasingly popular among non-Muslim populations. Photo by Violette79 “These things alone he has forbidden to you: What is already dead, blood, the flesh of swine, what has been offered up to other than Allah.” Al-Anam 6:145 While driving around Houston, you’ve probably noticed signs for Halal […]

Asia Pacific Halal Cosmetics Market Driven by Rising Awareness About Halal-Certified Products Says Future Market Insights

Future Market Insights has announced the addition of the “Asia Pacific Halal Cosmetics Market Driven by Rising Awareness about Halal-certified Products” report to their offering. Valley Cottage, NY, June 14, 2015 –(PR.com)– Increasing awareness among consumers about halal-certified products has boosted the demand for halal cosmetics, according to a new […]


Burada bulunan listede işaretsiz siyah E numaraları helal kabul edilen katkıları gösterir. KKırmızı E numaraları sağlık için tehlikeli katkıları gösterir. “**” işaretleri kesin hayvan (çoğunlukla domuz) kökenli katkıları gösterir (haram). “*” Bitkisel veya hayvansal kökenli olabilir. Alkolle muamele edilmiş veya edilmemiş olabilir.Bu sebeple (şüpheli) kabul edilen katkıları gösterir. Kaynak: animal-ingredients.hypermart.net […]

Çin’de 500 milyon dolarlık kaçak et skandalı

Çin’de, yapılan baskınlarda bazıları 40 yıldan fazla süredir saklanan çürümeye yüz tutmuş  piyasa değeri yaklaşık 500 milyon Dolar dolayında olan kaçak donmuş et ele geçirildi.Ülkenin 14 farklı bölgesinde yapılan baskınlarda ele geçirilen toplam etin değerinin  yaklaşık 500 milyon dolar olduğu belirtildi. Sadece Hunan eyaletindeki baskında 800 ton et bulunduğunu belirten Emniyet amiri “Kapıyı açtığımda […]